Big Pharma warms up to cannabis


It was announced this week that a major pharmaceutical company has partnered with one of Canada’s largest licensed growers of cannabis.

This is a a Big. Freaking. Deal.

“Big Pharma” has to date expressed little interest in cannabis mainly due to difficulties in securing the patents required to protect proprietary molecules.

This deal will see Sandoz Canada (an affiliate of Sandoz International GmBh, which is part of the Swiss pharma giant Novartis AG) provide physician education on non-smokable cannabis products for Tilray.  Tilray will rely on Sandoz’s large sales force and educational infrastructure to help doctors understand how and why they can prescribe Tilray cannabis products to their patients.

The insight here should be pretty self-evident: the cannabis industry is evolving from decades of black market control to a legitimate enterprise. Proof points of this include coming  federal legislation and now this major investment from one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

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