Cannabis nearly catches up to beer and wine


The Financial Post is reporting that “The $6.2 billion in weed Canadians consume a year is about two-thirds the $9.2 billion beer market and close to wine’s $7 billion tally.”

Think about that for a moment: a currently illegal substance for the vast majority of non-medical user Canadians is nearly outselling the nation’s two top-selling alcoholic beverages.

One needs to wonder about how these numbers were created, given there is currently no way to monitor how much weed is being sold and consumed due to its illegal status.

Even if only directional, this is an exciting assessment from a federal government agency on the size of the market.

Keep in mind, this projection says nothing of Canadian growers’ capacity to sell their product internationally, as many growers are starting to do.

If this doesn’t get you excited, you’re reading the wrong blog.


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