Gift boxes for the high holidays


The gift box business is booming.  Thanks to the rise of online shopping, there’s a wider selection of more highly specialized gift boxes available than ever before.

Cannabis gift boxes are growing in popularity this year and will likely at least double by 2019 as legalization looms in Canada and more of the U.S.

The insight into this space is that a cannabis-themed gift box experience can take many shapes other than just wrapping up some weed.

Here’s a few of the more interesting examples:

Wildflower takes a health and wellness approach with their Christmas Gift Box Set.  The soothing aquamarine gift box arrives wrapped in a red ribbon and contains “CBD+ Capsules, Immunity and Aches Vaporizers, and our amazing CBD soaps that come in Vanilla and Lavender.”

Reaching out to the upmarket cannabis connoisseur, The Au Box offers several subscription options that include coffee, pre-rolls, and vape pens as well as honey, gummies, elixers, and hot chocolate. The site offers a wide variety of subscriptions with upcoming Edible and Pet Boxes.

Towards the discount spectrum, the Daily High Club offers subscriptions for as low as $1 a day. Receivers get a variety of rolling papers, tips, matchbooks, and other low cost items every month.

At volume, the subscription gift box model is attractive for partnering with new brands who can tap into an existing customer base and distribution engine.

Entrepreneurs who start today can get a jump on the 2018 holiday season and cash in on the rising popularity of cannabis gift box offerings.


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