Art + cannabis = profit


The coming shift towards normalization of cannabis use is touching all aspects of modern life. Artists have used cannabis for generations and now cannabiz entrepreneurs are legally joining forces to curate new pot-infused experiences for big profits.

Make & Mary offer “a one-of-a-kind workshop for craftspeople who like to create while enjoying cannabis.” They promise: “You’ll not only learn to make beautiful crafts, but also about the benefits and types of cannabis” most conducive to creative expression.

Puff Pass & Paint are “The first Ever Cannabis-Friendly All-Inclusive Art Class”.  With classes operating in Denver, Washington, DC, and Portland,  the appeal of cannabis-infused art classes is widespread.

You can see CNN’s coverage below to learn more about what to expect:


It’s hard to imagine having a bad time creating art while consuming cannabis in a safe and legal setting. It’s also hard to imagine a better idea for a franchise with low operating costs and a great way to bring people together with cannabis.

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