Buds & Breakfast


Airbnb has rewritten the travel planning playbook.

Once upon a time, hotel rooms and bed & breakfast lodging were the only options for a business or pleasure traveller.

Airbnb championed a new business model and forever disrupted the hospitality industry. That same forward-thinking innovation is here in the form of cannabis tourism.

Bud And Breakfast offers instant access to safe and legal cannabis friendly accommodations worldwide.  Travellers can search for properties around the world that will cater to the discerning cannabis traveller.

Weed Rentals bills itself as the “premier website for finding cannabis safe apartments, marijuana friendly hotels, [and] vacation homes”. The site also partners with local dispensaries to help travellers connect with cannabis products upon arrival.

For those looking for a more premium cannabis experience, Kush Tourism can connect you to the Living Waters Clothing-optional Spa, aptly nicknamed the “Soak ‘N’ Toke”.

As recreational legalization spreads, no doubt the number of properties and brokers will increase and evolve to meet the growing need of cannabis tourists.




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