Legal growers need to lawyer up to win


As the rules governing the sale and use of cannabis evolve, compliance with the law is critical for legal producers looking to stay out of trouble.

Anticipating this need, Toronto law firm Lewin & Sagara has built a practice capable of providing expert advice for producers on how to expand their product offering while staying within the bounds of the law.

We recently spoke to Harrison Jordan of Lewin & Sagara about how the legal profession has evolved from prosecuting growers to helping LPs create better products and more profits.

Mr. Jordan explained how a thorough understanding of cannabis law can help licensed producers introduce new products while staying compliant with current legislation. For example, current Canadian law only allows LPs to sell cannabis flowers and cannabis oil. To be legally considered oil, the product must stay liquid at room temperature. In order to sell topical creams (currently illegal), some LPs are selling cannabis oil paired with a separate non-THC topical cream that is intended to be mixed together by the end consumer.

In response to strict laws that cannabis oil may not be sold with any added flavors, other LPs have used peppermint carrier oil to introduce taste without additives.

This is just a sample of the innovative products that have been developed in partnership with the pioneers of legal cannabis law.

With the right legal advice, growers can not only stay compliant but can also stay one step ahead in the coming recreational green rush.





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