The Age of Smart Cannabis

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 7.52.06 PM.png

Smart Cannabis is about making the consumption of cannabis products more safe.

Years ago, a family friend experienced the profound effects of orally ingesting too much cannabis (read: they were big, potent brownies).

She was a cancer patient who wanted to know what kind of a pain relief option cannabis might be while she underwent chemotherapy.  Without proper dosing, an evening experimenting with friends at home ended up with a visit from the EMS and a traumatic experience with cannabis.

While an extreme case, the effects of improper dosing of cannabis is a problem that has attracted the attention of companies such as Resolve.

In introducing the Breeze Smart Inhaler, Resolve is staking an early claim in smart devices that help patients track and control intake of cannabis. The Smart Inhaler uses Keurig-like pods filled with cannabis to deliver controlled doses and enables intake monitoring via a companion smartphone app.

Smart devices such as the Breeze are key to opening up inroad with consumers who never expected to be cannabis users.

If you’re like us, you’re probably tech support for your aging parents. Think of all of the devices you’ve introduced to them over the years (digital cameras, email, iPad, iPhones, etc.)  A device which offered controlled doses of cannabis with digital monitoring could be a wonderful gift to an aging parent without concern of them ingesting too much.

Devices that live at the intersection of technology and pain relief are the future of broadening the acceptance of THC as therapy or a companion to therapy. We think devices like the Breeze are leading the way in the new age of Smart Cannabis.

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